Neko’s in heat…

among other things. This will be her last heat, as we’re getting her fixed in January (unless she has another one between now and then). I didn’t go in to work today, as I had a really bad sore throat, and it hurt to talk and eat. Now it’s a lot better, afetr I spent all day sleeping, then taking all these drugs to try and feel better. One more dose, and it’s off to bed for me.

On Neko’s heat, I found out really early Monday morning that she was “hot”. I was awakened at 3am, by something like this: “Mao…mao…Maoooooo, maooo, mao…MAOOOOOOO!!!” Oh, the joys of owning a horny communist cat! Just lovely, eh! Last night wasn’t too bad, but having her rubbing up against the paper that I was trying to read, got annoying fast. It’s her last one, so I won’t complain anymore…I’ll miss her acting like a total nutcase, it’s funny!


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