mee-yawn…(the sound a cat makes when it yawns and meows at the same time)

I’m really sleepy today, considering that I didn’t fall asleep till about 11 last night. I really should tell my doctor about this, it’s getting annoying. Speaking of that, I have a dentist appointment this Wednesday, to find out what’s wrong with my tooth. It either has to be filled, or come out. Great, there’s another 300$ out of my pocket! I should get some health insurance, through a private plan, because these drugs and appointments are starting to cost me. I haven’t had my eyes checked in 2 years, so that’s needed as well. I’m having some trouble seeing with the contacts and glasses that I have now. Or maybe that’s just caused from too much time spent playing computer games.

On another subject, there will be an exercise room in my building soon! Yay! Right now, my complex has only one room in the 3rd building, so all the residents of the 1st and 2nd ones have to walk across to go there. It’s not a problem in the summer, but now it is. I don’t want to have to go outside with sweaty hair, and put a jacket over my sweaty clothes, that’s just nasty! Neither do I want to shower there, when my apartment is 5 minutes away. I’ve just been dashing across the parking lot/green space after my workouts, but that’s probably how I cought my cold in the first place. It will be so sweet, I’ll be able to go downstairs, work out, and come back up! And no more waiting for the only treadmill in the place, while someone walks very slowly on it while reading a magazine….that just pisses me off! You can walk elsewhere, I need to run on it!

Aw crap! I still have about 2 hours left here…I need some work to do! This is boring!

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