Hamster in heat?

I’m at work, waiting for 1630 to come around. It’s now 1605. Anyways, I’ve been feeling a bit better, my head isn’t hurting anymore, which means I can wash and comb my hair without whimpering in pain. I’m looking forward to the weekend, I’ll probably go chill with a buddy, check out a new club… there’s not enough time to do everything.

My hottie’s working late tonight, so I’ll probably play guitar really loudly till he gets home. I also want to get Neko some canned food, as a treat. She really likes it. Boris, the hamster, has something wrong with him, but I’m not sure if I want to take him to a vet, just cause it’s so expensive, and hard to find a rodent vet around here. He’s had this hard-on for about a week, it’s really gross, and he acts really wierd. I don’t even want to pick him up, it’s just too nasty! Of course, all the guys think it’s funny and cool, well, they can take him. Maybe he’s just reached sexual maturity, I don’t know. Oh well. At least when a cat’s in heat, you know it for sure! No discussion there! Well, I’ll post more once I get home. Meow!


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