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I was just checking my Yahoo Answers profile, which I haven’t been on in ages, and I came across this. It’s my answer to a question about telemarketers, and how to deal with them. It was chosen as best answer, and it WORKS EVERY TIME! 


«Try speaking a foreign language when they call. If you don’t speak English, and they can’t understand you, they will go away. Here’s what I use, in Japanese:
Moshi moshi = hello
Nihongo dekimasu? = do you speak Japanese?
Wakarimasen = I don’t understand (use this over and over, till they hang up. Throw it in at random times during their speech. Use an increasingly angry tone.)
Eventually, when they find out you don’t speak English, they’ll stop calling. Or, if you live in the US, you can put your name on the do not call list. (I live in Canada, and there isn’t a do not call list here. That’s why I came up with the foreign language tactic.)»


Next time some telemarketer calls in the middle of supper, throw this at them!


2 Responses to “a useful bit of info for you”

  1. James Nealon Says:

    I added you to my blogroll as well, i like the blog.

    All of us non-Frenchies must unite.

  2. andiesummerkiss Says:

    That is really smart. I will definately do that next time! Usually I just hang up. But that’s not an intelligent response. 🙂 Yours is!

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