Accident prone

It was such a crazy long weekend for me. On Saturday, just the usual stuff, same with Sunday, but yesterday, the big day off, I ended up getting a head injury. Yeah, that’s right. We were cleaning out our storage space in the basement to our building, and I was going to the back door to put some junk outside. I went to pick up the 2×4 that is used to keep the door open, and *BANG*! I smash my head on the stopper bar right above! It still hurts today, and I’m still feeling dizzy…I wonder if I had a concussion? I didn’t go to the clinic or the hospital, I just went back to the apartment and slept all afternoon and evening. I got up at around 6, and this happened at about 1. It was strange, I mean, I’ve bumped my head before, on cupboard doors and stuff, but I’ve never felt this miserable! I couldn’t even listen to my iPod while working today, it just made my head pound! I’m also feeling really spacey and out of it, like I was yesterday.  I just hope I’ll be okay, and I’m going to call the property owners to report this accident. The stopper should only be 2 feet or less off the ground, not sticking out of the wall at 5 feet! They won’t do much about it though, I can sense it. Hottie might just go and try to break it off, that’s fine with me.


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