Socialized kittycats

While I was at home this weekend, I saw a pic of “socialized kittycats” on ICHC. I like looking at the lolcats on there, but I just had to look up these socialized cats. It turns out that they’re from a shelter in Seattle, called “Spunkyland”, which is run by a crazy cat guy! Can you believe it, a crazy cat guy! I couldn’t! It’s just too sweet! He takes the cats out to this market every Sunday, where he tells people about his socialized cats. He puts little t-shirts and sweaters on them, and he even dresses up in a cat suit, and wears a cat hat! Nice! He also does cat paintings, presumably to fund Spunkyland. I thought that this was the cutest thing ever (too bad he’s not in Ottawa, I’d help out with the cats!) and he’s doing great by helping out cats in need. His site is, check it out!


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