more views!! Yay!

So, I see that today I’ve had over 20 views! Nice! I didn’t think that anyone would read this pile of cat crap, but I suppose some do stop by every now and then. Slowly but surely, I’m getting there! 

Well, I’m just at work, killing time as usual… I’m looking forward to the weekend, it will be nice to sleep in, and not freeze! I’m wearing my jacket in the office and running a heater…it’s that cold! It’s probably nicer outside!

Yesterday, we went out for sushi, since we don’t get trick or treaters at our place… the joys of living in an apartment building! I like this, I’m not a huge fan of kids, and having to spend my hard-earned cash to give them free candy just seems…wrong. I mean, we should make them do tricks to get a treat! It’s only fair. Well, I always have something slightly cynical to say. I’m just not into “holidays” that much, especially blatantly commercial ones, like christmas and valentine’s day. It’s now the start of the ubiquitous “holiday season”, so there’ll be a lot more ranting on here in the weeks to come. I’m just not looking forward to going home at christmas, I hate it. I’ll have to leave Neko behind…wait…if I try to drive down (and not get lost) I can take her with me! (that is, if my parents will allow a cat in thier home). I’ll have to talk to them about that. The holdays are too depressing, and having to leave behind my hottie and Neko, that’s just a bit much. At least let my have my kitteh!

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