I’m back at my desk now, after the little staff party that we had. The cat cookies were a success!!! Everyone was impressed that a 22-year old can bake…No big surprise, I’ve been helping my momma bake since I was little. Anyways, I’m glad that it worked out. I get to leave early today, cause a co-worker’s going to give me a ride home. I have a huge pumpkin, and I can’t take it on the bus, it’s just too heavy!

I ended up with it, because it was right there, on the floor, and there was only one carved pumpkin. So I drew a cat face on it, and now I want to keep it. I’ll try and carve the cat face when I get home. Sounds cute, eh! It might be a while before hottie gets home, so I should have it done by then. It will be cool, I suppose. At least it gave me something to do today, all the set-up and tear-down. I should head up and start collecting my containers soon, I want to take them home today, since I’m getting a lift.

So there’s my 2 cents for today. Now, to get back to my reading.


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