Cat cookies and a hot premier…

I know, I haven’t really been inspired to blog lately, with all that was happening this weekend. It was nuts, trying to get organized for the rest of the week. Hottie had to do some early christmas shopping, just so that he could send the gifts to his parents before they head south for the winter. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t do any christmas shopping. If I like someone, I’ll give them a nice birthday gift, or a New Year’s gift. And most of the time, I don’t wrap them, it’s just a waste of paper. Everyone I know is used to this by now, and they don’t mind at all.

Tomorrow’s Halloween, so that means I have to make crazy cat cookies tonight, to bring to the work party. I spent so much time looking around for a cat-shaped cookie cutter this weekend, and then I found 2 different ones at Bulk Barn. Of all the places! I got the one that looks like a kitty lying down. I’ll take pics of them, and post my recipe on here when they’re done. I just thought it would be cute, to match my crazy cat lady costume. I like keeping things within a “theme”, and crazy cat lady is this year’s theme.

Damn! I’ll be so busy tonight! The Ontario Cabinet is being sworn in today, so I don’t want to miss that! I hope that it will be aired on newsworld or CPAC. Yay!!! It’s so exciting, considering I haven’t seen the “hot guy” on TV since the elections were over! I guess I can watch it while the “cats” are baking. Hottie’s getting tired of me mentioning that now, he finally took down my election sign Thursday. I couldn’t bring myself to do it! The next step, is for me to de-clutter my bedroom dresser and my computer desk, which means removing all my campaign buttons (with the hot guy on them), stickers, etc., and putting them in my little box where I keep all this stuff. I took most of it from the office to give to my friends, but no one really wanted it…oh well.

I’d better get back to work for now.


2 Responses to “Cat cookies and a hot premier…”

  1. your hilareous i like that in a guy

  2. yeah, but I’m not a guy…

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