Crazy cat lady

Yay! Today, I got second comment on a P-A note! Sweet! (This goes to show how  dull my life is, I get excited over having the second post.) Other than that, not much is new here, just working still. This afternoon, I’ll leave early to go to a doctor’s appointment, so that’s not too bad.

I wanted to go see CATS, but the cheapest tix are about 75$, so that’s out of the question. It would have been nice though, to do somethig different for a change. Hottie wants to go see a Sens game, but those happen every year! CATS only comes to Ottawa once in a while! Meow! I guess I’ll just look for it at the video store.

Speaking of cats, there’s going to be a halloween party at work, and I’m going to dress up as a crazy cat lady! How appropriate! Every year, I’ve dressed as a cat, but now, I’m going to be different! All I need for this, is a bathrobe, toy cats (I already have lots of those), and a grey wig with some rollers in it! It’s that simple, and I only have to buy a couple things! It’s possibly the most creative idea I’ve come up with in a while.

Aside from that, well, I suppose I’d better get back to work.


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