pulling teeth

So, things have been picking up here lately, I have a few little projects that I’ll get started on tomorrow. That’s always good news. I’m still going through political withdrawal, even though the House is back in session, I have a craving for some hot provincial politics!

Well, enough of that. I’m pretty nervous, because I just found out that one of my wisdom teeth has to come out. I only have 2 left, I had 2 removed at 16. I discovered yesterday that it was feeling strange, and I can see a cavity back there. I’ll go to a dentist and have them look at it, then determine what has to be done. I’m a huge wuss when it comes to needles though (tattoos don’t count in this!) and I’m already quivering with fear at the thought of getting it pulled/filled/whatever. It’s going to be really expensive for me, cause I’ll have to be heavily drugged before they can do anything to me. I’ll ask if i can take a few sleeping pills before I go, that may be a cheaper alternative. (I won’t drive myself there!) What may be a bit crazy about all this, is that I’m going to bring my stuffed cat with me. I’ve had it for 19 years now, and I’ve brought it to all the dental appointments where they had to do work on me. I just need something to squeeze, while they put the needles in me. After that, I’ll be fine. They’ve probably seen lots of nervous patients, right?

Well, so much for getting Neko fixed right now, but I need to look after my teeth first. That’s a bit more urgent. Neko will be  fine.


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