this cat likes water…

I’m at work again, just reading on the job, and blogging. It’s a nice day out there, at about 24°C, which is great for this time of year. My hottie calls it “Indian summer”, but I take offense to that! I’m (east) Indian, and he’s obviously referring to Natives! Get it right! I don’t know how many times I get this. Anyways, old habits are hard to break. To me, an “Indian” summer is when the temperature gets up to 40°C, just like in New Delhi! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

The weekend has been pretty crappy for me. My hottie went out to spend time with his brother on Saturday morning, leavign me alone with the cat and the hamster. Blah. Then, on Sunday, we went out there, to take his brother’s smelly kids out, while they had a house showing. Terrible! I can’t stand kids, imagine 3 of them screaming in the car! At least we took them swimming, that way, they’d get all cleaned up. I don’t remember smelling that bad as a child…oh well. I was just pissed that I couldn’t get anything accomplished during that time, I had a lot to take care of yesterday, and I ended up coming home exhausted. It’s a lot quieter under the water…I stayed under there most of the time, just coming up for air, and then going back down again. Hottie said I was being wierd, just swimming around like that, he couldn’t believe I could hold my breath that long. I just told him that the water noises were relaxing, as opposed to the screams above it. I think it’s true, that when you get to a certain age, loud noises don’t bother you as much. He’s got bad hearing, compared to me.

Anyways, that’s my rant…time to get back to work, and I definitely hope that next weekend will be much better for me. If he decides to go see the kids again, I’ll head down to Montreal to visit my parents…haven’t seen them in a while.

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