what a day…

What a long, boring day it’s been! It’s just 3 :15 pm, and it feels like I’ve been here for an eternity! It’s Friday, so most people don’t come in to work today, except for the newbies like me. This explains the lack of work to keep me occupied. I can’t even check my hotmail from here, but at least I can go on Facebook…

I’ve been pretty much on passive aggressive notes all morning, just randomly chatting, trying to keep my sanity. Doing so, actually increased my blog hits, cause the people I comment to, come and check it out. It’s all good, even if they disagree with my political “leanings” 😉 . Whatever floats your boat, that’s what I like to say. I’m really trying to think of something to post here, but it’s just not coming to me…I’m brain-dead from not doing anything all day! It gives me a headache!

Anyways, the weeked is almost here… I’m not too sure what I’ll do, since it’s going to be rainy and cold. Maybe I’ll just stay home, have a nice drink, and watch some hot politicians on CPAC…sounds like a plan to me!

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