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Earlier today, I was surfing a site called “passive aggressive notes”, which is exactly what it’s about. It’s one of the sites on my blogroll, cause it’s hilariou, and everyone should check it out! I mean, some of the things that are posted on there, lol! If I saw notes like that in my apartment building, I would definitely take pics and submit them! The  downside is, that everyone is more aggressive than passive around there, and they’re not much into letter writing.

Anyways, it’s just another day here, the week is almost over. It hasn’t been too bad, there’s no one giving me attitude here, thankfully! I just can’t stand condescending people! What are they tring to prove?

On another note, my hottie wants me to get Neko fixed, and soon. I have yet to call and inquire about prices… My poor kitteh! I’ll do it for her, because it has health benefits for her, like a lower risk of cancer, and so forth. Well, that’s it  for now, Meow!


One Response to “a post…”

  1. I love Passive Aggressive Notes! Thanks for chatting earlier.

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