I’m really liking this new job, maybe because I get to work independently, and have no one hovering over me. Or is it just for the fact that it’s 3 months long? Amyhoo, it’s a huge relief.

The depression is fading now, I have gone back on my meds. I hate taking them, so I went off them about 2 weeks before tthe election, but after that, I think I started to relapse, so I have to take them. I’ve been told not to go off them suddenly, and blah blah blah, but I hate taking pills everyday. They’re hard to swallow as well. I also bought some stress vitamins, and those help me to relax. I have a bit of trouble sleeping still… oh well.

I can’t wait till the day when I can stop taking these “happy pills”, but I may be on them for the rest of my life… At least they don’t have any nasty side effects like weight gain. I could not deal with that. I consider myself lucky in the sense that I’m still slim, not like a lot of people in our society. It’s all that crap food.

Anyways, this is just becoming a rant on anything and everything…time to go for now. If I have the chance, I’ll write a little poem on here tonight. I thought of one last night. But that’s after my run, and guitar practice…I haven’t practiced since Saturday! I’m going to lose my touch!

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