So, catbook is that popular…

That’s how it  seems anyways, as I checked my stats today. Apparently, my Catbook post has the most views, of all my posts. Something about those cats, eh? I think it’s probably one of the best Facebook apps on there. It’s really useful, and so cute! You can create a profile for your cat, add friends for him or her, and connect  with other cat lovers. That’s how I’ve made a lot of Facebook friends, through Neko. She’s the popular one, not me. There’s also a Dogbook, I have that application as well, so that I could add my friends’ dogs to Neko’s profile. It’s great that our pets can get their own profiles, I mean, they deserve it too.

Speaking of applications, the ones that really bug me, are the stupid ones, like the “stripper name” and the buying fake drinks for your buds. What’s the point of that? It’s such a waste of time. They’ve got “top friends”, so that all your other friends who don’t make the list, can feel rejected? No thanks! I keep getting invites for all these dumb things, but I ignore them, and I’m going to do an app cleanup soon, to remove all of that crap. No one even looks at them anyways. I don’t see how people get addicted to Facebook, it’s so boring!


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