I have a nice long contract!!!

Yesterday, I landed a contract with Natural Resources Canada, for 3 months! It’s about time! I mean, I have been working on and off all summer, and my ¨buffer¨ has one down quite a bit. Now, it’s time to make that cash back! I start there on the 15th, and I’m currently doing a week and a half at aonther place. Then there’s the elections on Wednesday, I’ll make about 200$ for working there all day. Things are turning out great for me! It’s about damn well time!

In other areas, Neko is being herself. The other night, she got real jealous, because I got kissed by another cat. I didn’t expect it… I was just helping my hottie renovate this house, and the cat came along. I held him, and he gave me cat kisses. Which cat kisses strangers? Anyways, when I got home, Neko could smell his scent, and gave me these dirty looks all night. She wouldn’t come near me. The next morning, she forgave me, or atleast had forgotten about it.

I’ll try to keep this updated more often now, after all this election business winds down. It’s been keeping me on my toes, trying to follow everything and everyone. I’m a bit of a political junkie, so this is right up my alley. Which reminds me, I have some pictures that I took at a rally last Thursday, that I should post on here. I was not really in a blogging mood, being so worried about my situation, but now everything should be okay. I’ll create an Ottawa (South) Meow Meow Election report, once I get home today.

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