I has atchoos…

Yes people, the allergy season is upon us once again. now, I’m in the second period of misery for the year. Once in May, once in August, it occurs, without fail. You would tink that because I’m working downtown, it would be better than it was when I was working at the Experimental Farm in May. Only slightly. You see, the city has lots of parking lots, planters, grassy spots around street trees and millions of other places where ragweed and other allergen-producing weeds can thrive. And this is what is pissing me off and making me sick. Even the slightest breeze will bring these evil demonic pollens out, and they are always attracted to those who suffer from allergies. Like myself. Neko. The Atchoo Guy upstairs from us, and billions of others worldwide. On the bright side, at least I only need one pill to keep things under control, as opposed to the 4 or 5 I took in May to counteract the tree pollens. But it is making me sleepy… Very sleepy. Driver friendly, my ass!


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