Back at work…after 1 month

So, I’ve been called back to CDIC to work for a few weeks. What’ws so frustrating about this, is that the agencies which I’m registered with, couldn’t even find me anything for a month. One month! I’m not on employment insurance, although I should try to reapply, if this will happen every time a contract ends. I have not made a penny in a month! How am I supposed to pay the rent/bills/etc? If it wasn’t for my hottie, and the 1000$ I have as a buffer, I would be dead by now! I can’t even afford to do anything nice, it’s been the bare minimum for a month. Food, cat food, prescriptions. That’s all I could afford. I wasted money getting a transit pass for this month, as I’ve only taken the bus all of 6 or so times! Oh well, I’ll need it for this week, and I’ll need one for September, as I’ll be here for 6 days. So that makes 12 trips, tickets are 9.50$ for 10, which is good for 5 trips….Ahhh! Lost in calculation! 

Anyways, I’m seriously considering joining the Armed Forces, as a viable alternative to all this. I was talking to a soldier at the Ex yesterday, and he said they need a lot of avionics techs, atc people, and so forth. I have some experience in that area, and all my teen years spent in the Air Cadets might pay off, as I’ll become an officer upon entry. I need to start training intensively though, to get some more upper body strength, so that I can pass the physical exams for entrance, and survive basic training. I’ve always thought about this as a career choice as a teen, but the physical part is what has put me off. No more of that! I need a steady job, that will get me somewhere in life, and this might be it. It will look great if I ever decide to run for office, and maybe, they will pay my tuition to go to vet school!!! That would be a dream come true… But we’re back to the issue of the money… Gym memberships cost money, and I’ll need an all inclusive one, so that I can use the pool as well, to learn how to tread water properly ( this is also a criterion).

I’m still not too sure about this…I need some feedback here. Please comment on this: do you think I should join the Canadian Forces, or not? All comments will be appreciated. Thanks!


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