baby kittehs!

dsci0116.jpgdsci0113_edited.jpgdsci0107_edited.jpgdsci0107_edited.jpg I was away for the civic holiday long weekend, in the middle of nowhere, Ontario. I mean, it was a 10 hour drive from Ottawa, I got motion sickness, and the sun was shining down on us all the way west. Talk about a bad trip. Then when we got there, it was boring! Nothing to do in this small town, which was my hottie’s home town. How I ended up with a country guy, no one knows. Anyhoo, on Sunday morning, we went to visit his cousin over at this milk farm…Blah! It stank like…cows… and all teh hay made my histamine receptors work overtime, causing some major allergy symptoms. We were on a “tour” of the farm, when the lady there called me to the barn, STAT! I was like, okay, I’ll go look, and I saw the cutest things I have ever seen with my own two eyes!! BABY KITTEHS!!!! There was a momma cat, with these two little babies, in the cow pen. There was a black and white one, who was  blind, poor little thing; and this orange one! I held them both; the blind kitteh crawled up my arm and rested on my shoulder, then momma started meowing; she wanted her baby back. We had to pry him off, he was hanging on to my sweater. The orange kitteh was really healthy, he was mewing and cuddling up to me. Momma cat wasn’t too concerned about him. After going into the house for coffee, I had to come back and take pictures of them before leaving. I named the orange kitteh “Yoshi”, and I put him in my pocket, and seriously considered taking him home, but I left him. It would have been cruel to take him away from his momma so early, they were about one week old.


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