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Busy brain

Posted in blog, meow meow on August 31, 2007 by Mitsu

I suffer from a debilitating affliction known as busy brain. It’s when your body is physically tired, and wants to sleep, but your mind won’t shut up. I’ve posted about this before, and blamed this on repressed memories, but it’s not just that. I just can’t shut my thoughts off! I’m thinking that it’s because I don’t have a job that’s mentally challenging enough, and that would tire me out this way. I do a lot of hard puzzles, I read quite a bit, but this doesn’t help. Maybe, if I started studying kanji again, it might wear me out…


I has atchoos…

Posted in meow meow on August 28, 2007 by Mitsu

Yes people, the allergy season is upon us once again. now, I’m in the second period of misery for the year. Once in May, once in August, it occurs, without fail. You would tink that because I’m working downtown, it would be better than it was when I was working at the Experimental Farm in May. Only slightly. You see, the city has lots of parking lots, planters, grassy spots around street trees and millions of other places where ragweed and other allergen-producing weeds can thrive. And this is what is pissing me off and making me sick. Even the slightest breeze will bring these evil demonic pollens out, and they are always attracted to those who suffer from allergies. Like myself. Neko. The Atchoo Guy upstairs from us, and billions of others worldwide. On the bright side, at least I only need one pill to keep things under control, as opposed to the 4 or 5 I took in May to counteract the tree pollens. But it is making me sleepy… Very sleepy. Driver friendly, my ass!

Back at work…after 1 month

Posted in meow meow on August 27, 2007 by Mitsu

So, I’ve been called back to CDIC to work for a few weeks. What’ws so frustrating about this, is that the agencies which I’m registered with, couldn’t even find me anything for a month. One month! I’m not on employment insurance, although I should try to reapply, if this will happen every time a contract ends. I have not made a penny in a month! How am I supposed to pay the rent/bills/etc? If it wasn’t for my hottie, and the 1000$ I have as a buffer, I would be dead by now! I can’t even afford to do anything nice, it’s been the bare minimum for a month. Food, cat food, prescriptions. That’s all I could afford. I wasted money getting a transit pass for this month, as I’ve only taken the bus all of 6 or so times! Oh well, I’ll need it for this week, and I’ll need one for September, as I’ll be here for 6 days. So that makes 12 trips, tickets are 9.50$ for 10, which is good for 5 trips….Ahhh! Lost in calculation! 

Anyways, I’m seriously considering joining the Armed Forces, as a viable alternative to all this. I was talking to a soldier at the Ex yesterday, and he said they need a lot of avionics techs, atc people, and so forth. I have some experience in that area, and all my teen years spent in the Air Cadets might pay off, as I’ll become an officer upon entry. I need to start training intensively though, to get some more upper body strength, so that I can pass the physical exams for entrance, and survive basic training. I’ve always thought about this as a career choice as a teen, but the physical part is what has put me off. No more of that! I need a steady job, that will get me somewhere in life, and this might be it. It will look great if I ever decide to run for office, and maybe, they will pay my tuition to go to vet school!!! That would be a dream come true… But we’re back to the issue of the money… Gym memberships cost money, and I’ll need an all inclusive one, so that I can use the pool as well, to learn how to tread water properly ( this is also a criterion).

I’m still not too sure about this…I need some feedback here. Please comment on this: do you think I should join the Canadian Forces, or not? All comments will be appreciated. Thanks!

Some more sketchfu!

Posted in meow meow on August 20, 2007 by Mitsu


This is my anime self-portait, done on sketchfu….I wonder if this should be my blog header?

Neko Nyan

Posted in meow meow on August 15, 2007 by Mitsu

49013_thumb.pngThis is one of my drawings on Sketchfu, of Neko Nyan, a character that I’ve created. I designed him this way, as he’s very easy to draw, and has some sort of a “chibi” look to him. Which comes down to his name, Neko Nyan, which pretty much means Cat’s Meow. He’s always depicted meowing, or it could be seen as a huge smile. However you want to see it, he’s been rated as cute numerous times by the Sketchfu community, and is one of my more successful drawings. Actually, anything that I’ve drawn with cats, has been successful.

Posted in meow meow on August 13, 2007 by Mitsu

I received my drawing tablet today, which is pretty sweet. I ordered it on Ebay, it was about 22$ CDN. It’s definitely worth it though. I do a lot of drawing on a site called sketchfu, so it’s a big help for me. I was getting tired of mousing, and now I can make better quality designs. I might even make some on MS paint, and post them here.

baby kittehs!

Posted in blog, cats, meow meow on August 7, 2007 by Mitsu

dsci0116.jpgdsci0113_edited.jpgdsci0107_edited.jpgdsci0107_edited.jpg I was away for the civic holiday long weekend, in the middle of nowhere, Ontario. I mean, it was a 10 hour drive from Ottawa, I got motion sickness, and the sun was shining down on us all the way west. Talk about a bad trip. Then when we got there, it was boring! Nothing to do in this small town, which was my hottie’s home town. How I ended up with a country guy, no one knows. Anyhoo, on Sunday morning, we went to visit his cousin over at this milk farm…Blah! It stank like…cows… and all teh hay made my histamine receptors work overtime, causing some major allergy symptoms. We were on a “tour” of the farm, when the lady there called me to the barn, STAT! I was like, okay, I’ll go look, and I saw the cutest things I have ever seen with my own two eyes!! BABY KITTEHS!!!! There was a momma cat, with these two little babies, in the cow pen. There was a black and white one, who was  blind, poor little thing; and this orange one! I held them both; the blind kitteh crawled up my arm and rested on my shoulder, then momma started meowing; she wanted her baby back. We had to pry him off, he was hanging on to my sweater. The orange kitteh was really healthy, he was mewing and cuddling up to me. Momma cat wasn’t too concerned about him. After going into the house for coffee, I had to come back and take pictures of them before leaving. I named the orange kitteh “Yoshi”, and I put him in my pocket, and seriously considered taking him home, but I left him. It would have been cruel to take him away from his momma so early, they were about one week old.