Heat wave…

In all senses of the term.

Weather wise, we are having a heat wave in Ottawa, it’s about 30 degrees out. Sweet! Summer is finally here! I’m going to head down to the pool after this, meow that it’s warm enough to use it. I wish it was like this all year round, I could live without the snow, and the Great Canadian sport of car-pushing (which I unwillingly participate in every year).

In another sense of the term, Neko is in heat…I guess you can call it a heat wave as well. She hasn’t been too bad, except for the maoing in the middle of the night, waking us up. She did it about 3 times. This should be her last heat, as she’ll be big enough to get fixed next month. (They won’t spay a cat under 4 lbs). Then, no more of this sexual frustration for her. She won’t be in a constant stat of arousal, and best of all, she’ll stop humping legs!

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