Funky electro music!

So, last night (or early this morning) was the Benny Benassi show. I must admit, that was the most fun I’ve had at a club in a long time! The music was trippy, I was somewhat drunk, and on happy pills, so everything was nice. At first, it was kind of dull, with the resident playing his remixes of pop songs, but he switched to techno, and it got better! I mean, I haven’t heard Around the World by Daft Punk at a club, ever! This was sweet! Spacey bubble music! Funky trance beats! That was the best 40$ spent in a long time. If he ever comes back to Ottawa, I’ll be there! The only downside, was that I drank too fast; drinking and wild rave dancing don’t mix. I was feeling kind of queasy, but it passed, and I was back at it. Too bad I had to work today, I wanted to stay until 3am, but hottie said we should leave, and we did at 1:45. All the better, I have a nasty headache, and a wierd feeling in my stomach, but it was worth it!

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