That stands for “Little Fuzzy Hamster”. Yes. That’s right. I have an LFH, and I tamed the wild beast. I know, I can hear you all lol-ing, but it’s a tough task. Those LFHs you get from the pet stores are not hand-raised, which makes them ferocious beasts. Boris was like that. You’d stick your hand in the cage, and he would bite it! Neko’s paws and nose got nipped too. Slowly, I’ve trained him to get used to me, and now, he climbs onto my hand, and runs up and down my arms! Progress! He even comes when he hears his name. Hottie, on the other hand, is still afraid of him, which is really funny. I mean, a 6-foot, 200 pound guy whois afraid of a little 3-inch, 2-ounce hamster? LOL!! Meow, it’s not the run-and-hide kind of fear, but the I-don’t-want-to-hold-him-cause-he’ll-bite-me fear. I tried explaining that he won’t bite, but he doesn’t believe me. Boris can walk on the bed, but he took my big toe in his hands, and tried to nibble on it. I just scooped him up, and moved him from there. See, any fuzzy thing can be tamed with a little patience. All it took me was 15 minutes a day, for 1 month.


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