Just another rant…

They say it’s going to rain today, and I don’t give a crap. Weather people lie, and get paid a lot to do so. Every single day, I go outside with my umbrella in my bag, and it ends up being hot and sunny flip flop weather. I’m through listening to them. Why should some annoying guy or girl on TV dictate how I dress? I’ve found an easier way: Step on the balcony. If it’s cold, I’ll dress for it, same for if it’s hot. I can sense rain clouds coming, and most of the time, it does rain when I say it will. Us cats have ways of predicting these things.

I’ve also been pondering the idea of going back to school, and becoming a vet. My hottie says that’s what I should have done, since I’ve got a way with animals. Even killer dogs fall into submission when I touch them. It was pretty much what I wanted to do as a kid. There is a major roadblock though: money. Tuition is freaking expensive, and I can’t afford going to university again right now. I think I’ll start saving up for it, and then going back in a few years. Or maybe I’ll be eligible for a student loan this time around. My credit is established, and is good, so it shouldn’t be an issue. It would just feel wierd, going back to school with all these kids, and I’ll be much older than them. I started Poli Sci at 18, and graduated last June, at 21. It’s impossible to find a job in that field, outside of election time.

Speaking of that, the provincial elections are coming up. I should contact Elections Ontario and see if I can land a contract. I have experience working in the federal ones, so maybe this could be my big break. Ideas always come to me as I’m blogging.


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