not so inspired…

I’m just posting for the sake of posting, I’m not so inspired at this point. I went to an interview with an agency today, hopefully they’ll find me something soon. I’m getting kind of stressed over this. Oh well, I have the Benny Benassi show to look forward to on Sunday. I must admit, I will miss being in close proximity to a great sushi bar!! Sure, lots of places have sushi, but it just isn’t the same.  This place is only open on weekdays though, I’ll have to come down after work sometime to get some tekka maki!!! Damn, I’m bored. And stressed. These happy pills are not working. I’m not supposed to feel this depressed and hopeless… they don’t do shit! This is why I’m against prescriptions for everything. You take them, but there is almost no difference in your condition. I’m still having all the bad feelings that I had before I started on them, so what’s the point?


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