Social networking war…

I’ve noticed that there is this whole “facebook vs. myspace” theme all over WordPress. It seems that there is a war of sorts with these sites.  Personally, I couldn’t care less. Sure, I’m on Facebook, but I got into this craze really late, as no one was using windows messenger to chat anymore. I post some stuff on there, but there are some limits. I wouldn’t connect Ottawa Meow Meow to my facebook profile, as that would remove all the anonymity that I have with this blog. I want everyone to see this, not just my “friends”.

That’s another thing… 3/4 of those people who I have as friends, aren’t even really my friends, just people I happened to work with, went to school with, etc. I don’t know about everyone else, but to me, friends are people who I hang out with, and do stuff with, not just co-workers. I should have different categories for them on there.

Social networking is not all that bad, though. I have some politicians on my friend list, including the PM (actually, it’s just his PR guy, but that’s good enough.) And meow, they have Catbook, which is sweet. I can add cat friends for Neko, and I spend more time on her profile than I do on mine! 


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