Some cat poem…

I’m a cat, and I make sounds,

I’m attempting to talk to you, human!

I jump off the walls to get your attention,

All I seek is food and affection.

I have a warm place to live, and your lap to sleep on,

Papers and toys for my entertainment.

Why would I try to run away?

Anything I could ask for, I have right here…

Except for…

The company of another cat.

See, I have not been spayed yet, and I am in heat.

The sounds that I make, are calling a mate.

You spray me when I squirm on the rug,

But I am restless, and in pain.

Is this what all kitties go through as they grow up?

You tell me to shut up, or I’ll get dunked in the tub!

I cannot help it, I’m lonely, you see.

These feelings are new, but natural for me.

If you had me fixed, I would be quiet,

I wouldn’t scratch the door, and cry all night.

I’m not ready for kittens, and neither are you,

I’m still a kitten myself, I’m only 6 months old!

So, please spare me the misery, and get it done.

It’s really uncomfortable for me to be in this state.

Sure, the procedure might hurt for a few days later,

But after it’s done, I’ll be a lot quieter!

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