movie rental rant

This weekend, we decided that we are officially going to be buggers for the people working at Blockbuster. I’ve slipped little post-its with my movie critiques in between the plastic film on the outside of the DVD cases… WAHAHA!! They piss me off! You ask them where a movie is, they say they don’t carry it, and then *poof* it appears right there on the shelf, right under your nose! Magical, isn’t it?! 

Me: “Do you have Ocean’s Twelve? I see Eleven over there…”

Girl: “Umm… We don’t carry it here. You can try our Vanier location”

Hottie: “How can you not have it?”

Me: meanders around store, finds it in the Sequels section. Finds incompetent girl, shoves movie box in her face, pointing wildly at title “WHAT’S THIS?!?”

Girl: “We have it?”

Me: “Yeah, I found it over there!” points at wall with about 10 other copies of it.

Girl: blushes “oops.”

Then when you go to the counter to pay, this one guy, who we always happen to get, is trying to sell us more crap…

Guy:” rent 5, get 1 free”.

So we rent 5, and come back. When we demand our free rental;

Guy:”You have to rent 5 new releases”.


Me: shakes head, rolls eyes. “You have no good movies here.”

Guy: shrugs, smiles sheepishly.

This is what we go through all the time. It’s no better when we call in, either. I thought they would have a computerized system of some sort…

(phone rings)

Guy (same irritating one): “Blockbuster Elmvale, how may I help you?”

Me: “Hi, do you have Good night and Good Luck?”

Guy: “Hold on…”

I get put on hold for about 10 minutes. Finally, I hang up, then bike over to the store to find it myself. They had about 5 copies of it.

This goes to show you, if you want something found, look for it yourself.


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