some rant

Hmm, how much blogging can I do in one day? This is some job, just sitting here and ranting. Oh well, it pays the bills! Anyways, I haven’t seen that many disturbing things in the news, it’s just the same old wars here and there, people getting killed for no reason. It’s stopped having any impact on me. I used to protest, but it gets us nowhere. Live Earth? What the hell was that? 24 hours of God-awful music, that it supposed to raise awareness for climate change? Come on! They generated more pollution doing that, all the flights to these locales, the set-up, the gas burned getting everything there, and all the trash left behind by the spectators! If they really wanted to be environmentally friendly, they could have streamed video over the Net, done live from their studios in each city. No travel, no pollution!

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