Ok, I admit it…

I’m becoming a crazy cat lady. I’ve been labeled like this before, and so what if I like cats? I’m ok with “cat lady”, but crazy is a bit much. I only have one cat, and I have a boyfriend, so doesn’t that help any? Why does society have to label people?

I will admit that I do like cats more than people, just because cats like me for who I am, and they don’t judge me. I don’t want kids, I’d be very satisfied with a cat and a little fuzzy dog. I want a little fuzzy dog, ever since I saw these four white puffballs of happiness bouncing around on the lawn. Those dogs have got to be the happiest creatures on Earth. Why would I want anything else?

I will still insist that I’m not crazy. I stay active, I like to go out and do things, with or without Neko. People should take the example of cats and dogs, and just let others be.


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