If Only I Was a Talented Writer,

How interesting my blog would be!

I’ve been surfing the Net, and as I come across all these blogs, I notice how they all look so professional, like they’re making money with these things. Also, the writing! Simply put, it’s something that looks like it came straight out of a magazine, or the editorial page in the paper. My blog looks like a teen’s diary next to these.

Maybe I should take a professional writing course, to improve my blogging, but it’s probably not worth it. If all the blogs looked and sounded the same, it would get really boring. I’m just stating my opinions here. I’m not under the pretense of attempting to educate anyone, or to sound poetic (although I will take a shot at a cat poem every meow and then). I will freely use “meow” in place of “now”, as this is a cat lady blog. My posts flow like conversation, flitting from one topic to another.

I must admit, I can be a better speaker than a writer, but in university, I held my own when it came to research papers. Get me talking about politics, and there is no way I can be silenced.

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