Cat signs of affection

Meow, cats have a reputation for being uncaring and stubborn, but I’d like to prove that wrong. Neko is the most affectionate living being I have ever lived with, and she shows her appreciation to us in these ways:

Cat kisses, on the lips, neck, hands, toes, and any other body part that is within reach. These little kisses are sometimes accompanied by a little tongue (yuck!), and always include loud purring.

Licking, or grooming of the hair and face. They say that cats don’t like citrus, but I use a citrus-based shampoo, and it doesn’t stop Neko from licking my hair.

Cat hugs, when I pick her up, or when she gets scared. This is a sign of trust.

Rubbing up against me, while purring loudly. This can be harmful for Neko, as she tends to get underfoot, and get stepped on. This does not deter her, though.

Vocalizing. All the little mrrs, mews, and noises like that, are her attempt to talk to me.

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