Just chilling at work

the long weekend has ended and I’m back at it. It was fun going out, but it was way too cold for me on Sunday! Even meow it’s too chilly outside. What’s with this unseasonable weather? It’s July, we should be baking out there! Anyways, enough of that. I plan on going for a bike ride down by Hog’s Back after work. There’s this nice waterfall, and the scenery’s great. I find that learning to ride at 22 has got to be the most liberating thing that I’ve accomplished. I get to do some cardio, while enjoying the view, and I can get around and protect the environment. Meow I no longer have to be passed when I’m on those trails, instead, I’m the one doing the passing! (politely, of course) Yesterday, I went down the Ottawa River Eastern pathway, but there were way too many bugs!! I had to stop every meow and then to remove all the may flies that were on me… Freaking gross! That pathway leads downtown, but I don’t want to get all buggy getting there, it’s so distracting! Meow I have to get a basket and put Neko in it!


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