Stress, Stress, Stress…

Tomorrow’s Monday, and I still don’t have anything lined up yet. I got such short notice, I mean, how are you supposed to find a job in 1 week? Even the agencies need more time than that… I’m just absolutely positively sick and tired of this! I would usually be in bed by now, but the stress is getting to me, and I can’t sleep (or type without making typos). I hate having to pop pills all the time, especially since you can become dependent on them. I have different kinds, that I alternate in between, as to not create a dependency. I was doing great for the past 3 months, i only needed one occasionally. I guess the sleep problems come up when I am under stress. Now, to turn off the PC and try to enjoy some manga while waiting for these suckers to take effect…Then it will all be spacey and trippy, maybe I will dream of little fuzzy balls, and wake up and find myself in the defensive ball position…


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