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Canada Day

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Tomorrow it’s Canada Day, and I’m not sure what I’m doing yet. I’ll probably go downtown in the evening, and dance to some of the street beats. I did that last year, and it was freaking sweet! I mean, it’s like clubbing, only it’s outside, and there’s no cover or dress code. The DJ last year spun some crazy trance & techno, so it’s right up my alley. Too bad it only starts at around 8 pm… Earlier in the day, it’s mostly family stuff, that I can pass on. I’m not too keen on going to Parliament hill, it’s too packed and the acts are boring. That’s too touristy for me. When you live in Ottawa, that’s not so cool. The DJ’s in the Market are much better, it’s like the place is transformed into one huge dance club. I’ll bring my camera phone, and record it. I can even try posting it on YouTube. Speaking of that, I think I still have some Sens crowd footage that I haven’t uploaded yet.


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” A dead letter is a letter that has never been delivered because the person to whom it was written cannot be found, and it also cannot be returned to the person who wrote it. “

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Meow, time to let the fingers take over. Some issues I have:

Why is it that people don’t like cats? I take Neko around my building, and I get the meanest looks from some. I mean, it’s ok to go around with a kid who screams constantly, but it’s not, with a cute cat who doesn’t make a sound? Next time I see my neighbours with their pissant little scream-monsters, I’ll give them the same looks they give me when they see me with Neko.

Why is everyone so angry? Road rage is at an all-time high here, and it’s not getting any better. That’s one of the reasons why I hate driving. No matter how fast you go, there will always be someone tailgating you, and beeping (I call it road raging). What’s the point? If someone in front of me is too slow, I just pass them politely. I don’t cut back in front either, I just go! Try it, it works!

These are some of the reasons why I don’t fit in with society. I like cats more than kids, I try to be nice and stay cool, but as we know, nice people only get hurt, and talked down to. I don’t want to change and become like the insane masses either. This is what Ottawa Meow Meow represents. I’m rebelling quietly against society’s norms, which make no sense, and the most oppressive faction, the family. As long as I can get by, and break no laws, then it is all good. If we all took a stand in our own ways, it would definitely be a better place. Protests don’t change much, but the small actions of millions can. That’s enough now, I’m starting to sound like an activist :S Just be less angry and bitter, that’s all.

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So, as I sit here, watching the door, and pressing the button, I wonder. Why is it that every job I go to, someone has to be condescending, and act like I don’t know what I’m doing? I just got an e-mail saying that I should pay more attention to those coming in, and not leave them locked out. I can’t be looking over there all the time, and even at the camera screen. Why can’t they just knock? This really bugs me, that something so simple always happens to get me into trouble, and make me look stupid. Now, I’m actually thinking that anywhere I go, there will be these issues. Maybe I just don’t take criticism well.

Ottawa Meow Meow

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neko21.jpegOttawa Meow Meow

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Well, the long weekend is almost here! Just a few more hours, and I’ll be out enjoying it! Sweet! This week went well, and I think I’ll like it here, too bad it’s only for 1 month… I like working downtown, you have access to everything. Anyhoo, just cat-blogging on here!

We’ve moved!

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◊Ottawa Meow Meow has moved to WordPress! We were fed up with all the porn on Blogger, so Neko and I are now posting on here. The features are pretty much the same, and hopefully, we might get some more exposure on this hosting site!◊