another day

Here I am, at work again, another long day in this place… If only I would have some work to do, that would definitely pass the time. The weekend was nice, just chilling with Neko, hearing her express herself. I’ve been busy creating a design for my skate deck, which I intend to paint, and have on the road by this weekend! I think i should either do a tribal design, or “Mitsu*Neko” in graffiti font… decisions, decisions. Anyways, the Sens will be playing Game 1 tonight against the Ducks, how exciting!!! I might just head downtown tonight to see all the commotion for myself, instead of watching it all at home. Maybe I’ll take Neko with me, she likes going out. Anyways, time to make some Origami, it’s what I do when I’m bored at work, then, as more staff decides to show up, I’ll ask if they could use my help…I get paid a lot to do nothing but blog all day!

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