100 things about me

1. I’m from Ottawa, Canada.

2. I like cats very much.

3. I’m 22, but I live the life of someone older (meaning I go to work and come home, don’t socialize much).

4. I love politics.

5. I like drawing, I have lots of drawings on Sketchfu.

6. I like anime.

7. I’ve been on my own since I was 18.

8. I have a BA in Political Science.

9. I graduated from university at 21.

10. I’ve lived in Montreal for 6 years.

11. I’m athletic. I play soccer during the summer.

12. I like many different kinds of music, mostly techno, trance and anything with a good beat.

13. I dislike pop and country very much.

14. I’m not into mainstream pop culture. I prefer underground music, movies, art, etc.

15. My childhood dream was to be a vet.

16. I have 2 tattoos, and I may get another one.

17. I have a terrible phobia of needles (not the kind tattoo artists use, but medical needles). This is why I didn’t get my nose pierced.

18. I am also afraid of bees, considering that I’m allergic to them.

19. I enjoy watching CPAC (the political channel).

20. I collect stuffed cats, ceramic cat figurines, Maneki Nekos and pretty much anything with a cute cat on it.

21. Which reminds me, I love Hello Kitty and Chococat ( I have HK pj’s, a wallet and a Chococat bag).

22.I speak Japanese, even though I’m East Indian/Jamaican.

23. I love sushi.

24. I don’t eat red meat.

25. I don’t mind some alone time.

26. I’ve been with my “hottie” for almost 2 years now. (it will be 2 years in April).

27. I work for the goverment (like 75% of people in Ottawa).

28. I like import cars. I drive a  silver Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally.

29. I drive standard (not bad for a chick, eh!).

30. I’ve always been a tomboy.

31. I have short spiky hair, with a huge red streak down the middle.

32. I’m 5’7″, and skinny.

33. I’m a huge geek. I love playing video games, and PC games.

34. I’m quite creative.

35. I’m fluent in French.

36. I love summer, because I get to go swimming, and I like the heat.

37. I hate winter, despite the fact that I get to go skating and snowboarding.

38. I used to skateboard, up until June, when I sprained my ankle while doing a jump.

39. I just learned how to ride a bike this summer, and I’ve been biking everywhere ever since.

40. I have a calm disposition.

41. Neko has been my best friend since I got her in January 07.

42. I have trained her to walk on a leash, and I’ve trained my hamster to come to me when I open his cage.

43. I’m not a huge fan of birds. I like them outside, but I don’t want one as a pet.

44. I prefer the city to the country or the suburbs.

45. I’m not into family. I don’t want any kids, just a lot of cats, and maybe a little fuzzy dog.

46. I despise commercial holidays, like christmas and valentine’s day.

47. I get very depressed at christmas time.

48. I used to be a card-carrying liberal. I tore it up and sent it back to them in shreds after Martin was made leader.

49. I have voted Conservative federally in the last 2 elections, but I went Liberal in the provincial one.

50. Which reminds me, I have a huge crush on Dalton McGuinty, the premier of Ontario. I’ve met him 3 times.

51. I’ve met Prime Minister Harper twice.

52. I stopped caring what others think of me once I turned 20. I became too old for that.

53. I sometimes get spacey.

54. I have a different way of thinking. Sometimes this is good, other times, it isn’t.

55. I’m really ticklish.

56. My favourite colours are silver, blue, green, aqua, purple and black.

57. I prefer sweets to salty things.

58. I can’t sit still for long. I’m always fidgeting.

59. I play electric guitar.

60. I knit and crochet.

61. I love sudoku, mahjong solitaire, jigsaw puzzles, and various brainteasers.

62. I’m in an inter-racial relationship. That’s what I’ve always wanted.

63. My apartment looks like a cat house. There are cat themed things everywhere.

64. I like Halloween. It’s the only time I can wear my cat ears in public, and not get strange looks.

65. I love reading. Always have, always will.

66. I hated high school, and did okay at it. I was always picked on. My nickname in high school was Ottawa. (I went to hs in Montreal)

67. On the other hand, I did great in CEGEP (college) and university, and enjoyed every minute of it.

68. I’m afraid of babies and small children. The loud noises that they make frighten me.

69. I like exploring the city, and finding quiet little places that I can go to chill out. Especially when these places are shared with squirrels, chipmunks and cats.

70. I’m always cold.

71. I’m not religious at all, but I use the sacred cow argument, so that others don’t eat beef in front of me.

72. I despise onions, the smell of them makes me nauseous.

73. I would like to run for office someday, but I doubt that it will happen. I’m just too shy to do it.

74. I would prefer to work behind the scenes with a politician, making decisions for them. I suppose that would be an advisor.

75. I’m not big on partying. I should get out more, but I just don’t.

76. I prefer just chilling out in a place where we can chat, or having friends come over.

77. I only started dating at 19. My “hottie” is my first real boyfriend.

78. I’m more of a morning person than a night owl.

79. I like to keep busy. I tend to get bored quickly, except when it comes to politics.

80. I prefer to communicate over the phone, than on Facebook. I guess that makes me old-fashioned.

81. I do graffiti, but not on buildings! I’ll draw them in my sketchbook or online, or paint them on things at home.

82. I like to keep it natural. That is, no fake nails, make-up or implants for me. I do paint my nails though.

83. My style is a mix of sporty, urban and punk.

84. I’m not one to get angry. I do get annoyed and irritated, but not angry.

85. I was born in ’85.

86. Road rage, swearing, bad manners, messiness, laziness and not being able to hold a conversation turn me off.

87. Politics and smarts do the opposite.

88. I have a betta fish. His name is Sashimi.

89. Spider plants are my favourite houseplants, just because they’re so spiky.

90. I couldn’t care less about celebrity gossip. There are much better ways to waste time.

91. I can communicate with Neko. I can tell what she wants, by the tone of her meows.

92. I’m neither optimistic, nor pessimistic. I’m realistic.

93. I defy all stereotypes that anyone may have about me.

94. I think that cat sneezes are the cutest sneezes ever heard. My sneezes are loud, and not cute at all.

95. I think that charging power cells with hamster power, generated when they run on their wheels, could be a viable option. I just don’t have the scientific background to create such a device.

96. I try to be a good customer, by saying please and thank you. I’ve worked in the service industry, so I know what it’s like to be on the other side of the phone/counter.

97. I’ve been told that I’m too mellow for my own good, but I do know when to say no.

98. I get quite upset whenever I hear a case of animal abuse. Many times, I’d like to give these creeps a taste of their own medicine.

99. I used to practice karate. I’d like to get back into it.

100. I am Mitsu, and there is no one else out there like me!


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